If you wish to send support to the Missions of Hope, we recommend donating through Pay Pal if you have access to it.  It is cheaper to send funds and quicker for us to receive them. It is also safe.  Click the "Donate" button to send funds by Pay Pal now.

Please contact me for further details if you would prefer to wire funds through Money Gram, Western Union, make an international bank to bank transfer or if you are planning to donate more than $300 US.  At this time, we do not take donations by cheque or bank to bank wire transfer to Kenya. It is too ripe for fraud and it takes a very long time to arrive.

A picture of the corn storage after the harvest.

The dream and vision that God has given me includes having a self-sustaining ministry with farms. These farms would help us to grow enough food to generate a small income for the care and feeding of the orphans and the families that care for them. We have had some support from a dear sister in the United States who helped us to rent land, fertilize it, buy and plant corn and harvest and store the corn, but that support has now ended.

A self-sustaining farm is our key hope for helping support the food needs of the many families that care for the orphans. Many of villagers have land of their own but they do not have adequate funds to plant the variety of crops they need, or to raise animals for sale or for their own use. If they are eventually able to look after their own food needs and earn a little extra income to keep the farms self-sustaining, that would be better than crisis interventions.  Beyond that we need clean water, help with housing, building the churches in our outreach, Bibles and games for the children, clothing and school supplies, and support for the pastors. If you can help,  let us hear from you.

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