You can write me to share your ideas about partnering with the Missions of Hope or to make general enquiries about what we do and our current needs. Email:  missions120{at}gmail{dot}com

We seek faithful individuals and organizations that are able to help meet the daily needs of the orphans and their families as well as the other needs I've tried to describe throughout the website.

We would also be happy to receive you in Kericho, Kenya if you are dreaming of, or planning a missions trip to Kenya.  If you would like to do a short-term mission with us please contact me and I can advise you on the pressing missions needs in the area.

Our Church in the Village Under the Arbour for Many Years

Our New Church After Storm Damage

We have been fellow shipping in temporary premises under the treetops for about 30 years and our church body has grown quite a bit in recent times. Although we have built churches for our church planting outreach, it has taken us 30 years to begin building our new church. Not so long ago we had a lot of damage to the new church structure because of lack of protection during storm and rains. We are so grateful to God for enabling us to make progress toward finishing the building project.   Read here for more information.

Our Church as it Looks Today

We are so excited about the new church God has given us and grateful for the many people who helped to make our new church possible.  Read here for more information.

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