The projects on this page are the current major priorities of the Missions of Hope.  Check back at this page from time to time for details of new projects.

Kericho Refuge Centre

This project is for a Refuge Centre for young people in Kericho, Kenya. The youth are from the streets of Kericho and do not have any other place to reside because they have lost their parents, become delinquents, taken sick, among other hardships. The children will be provided with a safe, home-like environment where they are fed, clothed, educated, emotionally supported and helped on the way to becoming good citizens of the community. The plan is to construct the house for the children and to rent one or two rooms in the house to visiting missionaries and pastors to supplement the household income for the care of the children in the home ...more

Jiko Stoves

Cooking on Jiko

Currently, there are approx. 43 households overseen and supported by the Missions of Hope.  This number changes now and again depending on the number of new orphans added to the care of villagers. Each household has 4-8 family members for a total of approximately 258 villagers. About 8 of these households are headed by orphan children. The other households are headed by parents who care for their own children as well as orphan children. We plan to provide each household with a jiko stove OR a stove hood, to replace the 3 stone cooking fires that are currently in use.

The cost of one jiko stove is approx. $62. Canadian and one stove hood is about$140. Canadian ... more

Vacation Bible School

Pastor Jonah & VBS students

I'm a Youth Pastor and for the past 7 years or so, I have been organizing and offering Vacation Bible School (VBS) to Rehabilitation School students in my area. These VBS sessions accomplish a number of things: evangelistic outreach to the children, recreational & educational opportunities.  These sessions also provide the children with positive role models from the community.  For many of them it is their only experience to hear about Jesus Christ. Some of these students come from a Muslim background.

The photo on the left is of some of VBS children at the close of session, August 2007 and the Headmaster. Just look at the smiles on the children's faces! ...more

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