This gift catalogue has been designed to make it easier for you to determine where to direct your gift and to illustrate for you how your gift will be put to practical use for the care of the widows and orphans.  In some cases, we have given you total costs per person or per item. In other cases, we have given you a partial cost to show you that your gift is still important no matter what the amount.

Thank you for considering the items in this gift catalogue. If you have any particular questions, kindly send an email to the above address and we will return your mail as soon as possible.

Orphan & Family Needs

$155 to $205 US - School Fees per Boarding student

$25 US School Uniforms per student
$15 US School Shoes per student

$25-50 US monthly for Orphan support

$55 US Family Support

Farm Animals

$5 US per chicken
$6 US per rooster
Just a few hens can help provide eggs and chicks to raise poultry for sale.

$55 US for one goat ($50) + vet inspection ($5)

A goat can provide milk and if two goats of opposite sex are purchased, can provide a simple livelihood for a family.

$800-$1000 US for one high grade cow

A good cow gives quality milk for consumption and for sale.
8 or 10 donors can help to purchase 1 cow.


$120 - $250 US for seeds & fertilizer per growing season   For several years, Missions of Hope has planted communal crops (corn, cabbages, potatoes) and given out the harvest to the widows and orphans.  We were unable to do this in the Jan.- March 2011 planting season.  Instead each farmer must find adequate funds for planting. Help us to help them, with the planting in Jan.-Mar. 2011.

Other Suggestions

* corn 30 kg  $22.00 US
oil 1kg  $7.00 US
* beans 5kg $4.00 US
* flour $2.00 US
* onions 2kg $2.00 US
* royco 500 gr $2.00 US
* veggies $3.00 US
* rice 3kg $4.00 US
* meat 2kg
$6.00 US
Based on monthly needs per family of 5 members

* $250 US to sponsor 1 mother for small business start-up or to learn a trade


* 300 US/yr to help 1 child attend school
* $3000 US to send 1 youth to college/uni.
* $60 US to buy 1 cell phone for pastor or college student
* $10 US/mo. to buy airtime for pastor or student

* misc. $10.00 US (eg. soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.)
Based on monthly needs per family of 5 members

* 1 pit latrine - $60 US
sponsor 1/2 latrine - $30.

* legal title deeds - This need has been met.
* Build 1 Refuge Centre  $15,000 US OR any amount to help get project underway

* blankets n mattresses
$25-$50 US for 2-3 people
*day clothes 1 child $15. US
* medicine n doctor - $20 US


NOTE:  All prices fluctuate greatly in this time of incredible inflation. We have tried to give accurate costs to the nearest rounded up dollar. These figures will be updated when there is a significant change in prices.

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