The exchange rates have fluctuated a great deal since we  began visioning and costing this project in 2008.  In 2009, the budget for the Jiko Stoves Project included manufacturing the stoves, transporting them to the village huts and providing training to the villagers on use and maintenance and the cost of providing a stove to each household was about $62. Canadian dollars.

In 2009 we were able to outfit 11 village households with new stoves and provide them all with new jiko pots. In 2010 we built our own stoves and were able to employ 2 village women to make another 28-32 stoves. This also helped us cut down on the overall project costs.

In building these stoves and enabling the village households to use them, we help the local people to help conserve environmental resources as fewer trees need to be used for fuel.  At the same time, health issues related to lungs and eyes are reduced and comfort and safety of the women and children who go out to forage for wood are enhanced. 

As you can see, this simple project has broad social and environmental ramifications and the villagers will experience the benefits of it for many years.

For more information about the benefits of jiko stoves please see the following websites:

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