Hello and welcome to the website. My name is Pastor Jonah and I'm a Youth Pastor affiliated with the Africa Gospel Church.

I live and work in Kericho, Kenya in the highlands of Kenya which is in the far west of the country.  Kericho is a  very beautiful and fertile place but we also have many of the same problems that brothers and sisters elsewhere in Africa have:  poverty, little money, limited education opportunities, limited employment options, high incidence of AIDs and children without parents due to sickness and disease.  I could go on but you are probably more than familiar with the issues of African countries and other developing nations of the world.

As a youth pastor, my passion and call is to work with young people; especially the orphans and the street kids. I also love to work with the youth in rehabilitation centres as they have so little and it brings them much joy. 

I also work with a voluntary team of lay leaders to provide Missions of Hope to the rural children of Kericho, Kenya as our primary outreach; then  to children and adults in other parts of rural Kenya, like the Pokot peoples in northern Kenya, as doors of opportunity open. We have humble means, but BIG FAITH.  You can see the faces of the children and people we work with by looking at my photo page.

The Missions of Hope is very active in

* evangelizing children and young people,locally and beyond, as well as in the schools,
* delivering Vacation Bible School (VBS) every 3 months in the local Rehabilitation Center
* counselling individual children, heads of households & community members in crisis
* helping families and individual children with school needs: supplies, uniforms and tuition when possible
* providing families with food crop planting (maize, potatoes and beans), harvesting and buying a little food now and then to help like sugar, milk or toiletries.
* intervening in emergencies where possible.  For example, we ministered to the physical and spiritual needs of internally displaced Kenyans after the violence erupted due to the presidential elections in December 2007
* building projects: homes, (vision for) schools, other). As for now we are focussing on pressing needs so the only building we have done is the building of sister churches for the unreached peoples (eg. Pokot people in the north).
*providing sanitation and hygienic needs: latrines, showers, clean water, jiko stoves (cleaner air)
*providing other missions as needed and as God opens the doors (eg. micro-enterprise/small business for the villagers).

Our prayer is that you would want to join with us in these Missions of Hope. You can help by giving to any of the ministry activities (as above) or in visiting our community to share the Word of God, and to see what we are doing.

Please check out our website; especially our projects page and consider joining us to reach these young ones for Christ.  God is coming soon. We all need to be ready. Will you answer God's call to the widows and orphans in Kericho, Kenya? 

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